Let’s take a snapshot of your past week.

Go through each of the Take 5 steps and choose from the drop-down list to select how you feel you have performed in these areas of your life:

How do you connect with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours? Being connected will help you feel supported.
How active are you? Walk, run, cycle, play a game, garden or dance? Being active makes you feel good.
Are you curious? Do you catch sight of the beautiful or remark on the unusual? Are you aware of how you are feeling? Taking notice will help you feel grateful.
How open to learning are you? Are you willing to try something new, to rediscover an old interest? Do you enjoy learning new things? Learning helps you feel more confident.
How often do you give? Do something nice for a friend or a stranger? Thank someone? Smile? Volunteer your time? Giving something back can be very rewarding.